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We feature Clarke carpet cleaning equipment, CRI Gold Certified carpet extractors to disinfect and clean carpets and upholstery when used with the appropriate chemicals. Cleaning and disinfecting carpets contribute to a healthier, cleaner facility. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting carpets, prolonging their life, carpet extractors improve indoor air quality and the appearance of your facility.

Clarke CarpetMaster 100 series

The Clarke CarpetMaster 100 Series of Upright Vacuums is a staple of the Clarke line, offering a powerful carpet vacuum solution that is small enough to be highly portable but powerful enough for tough cleaning jobs. Based on a solid design, the CarpetMaster Series of vacuums are available in a range of working widths, offer HEPA filtration as standard

Clarke’s CarpetMaster 200 series

Clarke’s CarpetMaster 200 series is a dual motor vacuum, offering the user many benefits. The 1350 watts of total cleaning power enables one-pass cleaning, saving up to 20% in time. Power is optimally allocated to the brush and vacuum independently, enabling the brush to stop turning when the wand is in use. The vacuum motor is located at the base of the machine, resulting in a lighter handle weight and less fatigue than with most machines on the market.

Clarke ReliaVac™ Series Vacuums

The Built-to-Last Vacuum ReliaVac™ vacuums are easy to maneuver, strong on power and built to last — with a lifetime warranty on the proprietary green impeller fan. Available in 12” and 16” cleaning paths, ReliaVac is an exceptional vacuum for virtually any application.


Designed by backpackers, the Clarke® Comfort Pak Backpack Vacuum is the first truly comfortable canister vacuum.

Padded shoulder straps and innovative lumbar support ensure comfortable stability, distributing the weight over the hip like a well-designed backpack. It’s also stable and lightweight with an ergonomically designed frame, allowing easy maneuverability around furniture and obstacles

Clarke® EX40® 16ST & 18LX Self-Contained Carpet Extractors

The Clarke EX40 self-contained carpet extractors are CRI Gold certified. They effectively remove soil from your carpets, improve the indoor air quality, extend carpet life, and improve the appearance of your facility. They can also be used to clean hard floors and upholstery. These machines are compact, versatile and easy-to-operate, enhancing productivity.

Clarke® Maxxi II™ 35 Wet/Dry Vacuum

Powerful. Versatile. Reliable. No more complex filter changes! The Maxxi II 35 has one filter for both wet and dry vacuuming. Featuring three durable components, this innovative filter completely seals the motor, protecting it from dust, dirt and liquids. Job done, simply rinse it off and you’re ready to go again.

Clarke Summit Pro 18SQ Wet/Dry Vacuums

Simple. Rugged. Affordable. A high capacity tank and integrated front-mounted squeegee give you high productivity water pickup for big jobs. And when you need to take on dust in tight places, the 9-foot hose and rugged, stainless wand—conveniently stored in a large, onboard storage area—are ready for action. It’s wet/dry vac versatility at its best.