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Setting up outdoor working spaces may be one of the best things you can do to improve employee health. It can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, energize employees, and create a positive boost to morale. Studies have shown that it can even help reduce the risk for chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Sunshine provides us with needed vitamin D, and according to the Vitamin D Counsel “exposing your skin for a short time will make all the vitamin D your body can produce in one day.” Feeling better already!

Via - Cortina.026 collection

Cortina.026 is a collection with an archetypal taste. Its minimal, manageable and functional dimensions across the benches & tables allow them to be stored easily in a closed space when not in use. 

The collection’s design has a strong impact and aesthetic appeal and is suitable for both indoor & outdoor public spaces. The framework is comprised of a hot-dip galvanized steel perfect for outdoor use even in extreme weather conditions. Brackets are available for fastening to the ground.

Via - Sierra.015 collection

Simplicity and elegance combine in the Sierra.015 collection. Its bent metal pipe structure blends seamlessly into any environment, projecting complex plays of light and shadow. The elegant lines are laid out in a mesmerizing pattern in which the various elements of the collection, both complementary and modular, allow unexpected compositions to be created. Sierra.015 offers total freedom for the designer to create innovative spaces utilizing these landscape furniture pieces. The bent pipes, available in hot-dip galvanized painted steel with polyester powder coated colors or in stainless steel, ensure excellent durability in all weather conditions.

 “Sierra enters in the urban and natural landscape in a quiet way; the idea is something silent, but at the same time the small details, like the tubes of the legs, makes Sierra unique.”

— Natalia Rota Nodari, designer

Via - Tahoe.h24 collection

Tahoe.h24 is a collection with a timeless appeal, appreciated for its clean lines and simplicity. Its designs including benches, tables, chaise lounge, planters, swings & more, have classic elements with a modern twist found in its construction. These landscape furniture pieces are made entirely of recyclable materials that are maintenance free and durable even in extreme weather environments. The signature slats are available in classic wood-effect finishes using heat transfer film or dipped-look, polyester power coat colors. In a nutshell: iconic.

“Tahoe … an object totally different and new, but at first sight it reminds you of an object of the common imagination. That makes the bench immediately look familiar and cozy.”

— Natalia Rota Nodari, designer

Via - Splash, Amalfi, & Moon Table collections

The signature outdoor landscape furniture collections under this brand were designed to make the everyday moments of life more comfortable—when we are waiting for a train, enjoying an ice cream in a park or taking a minute to recover before the next training circuit along a cycling path. For over 30 years, URBANTIME® has been bringing Italian style & intensive durability to the furnishing of public spaces including schools, conference rooms, parks, airports and hospitals.

Vondom Collections- A Vacation while working at the office

A lifestyle, a way of being, that’s Vondom. A leader company in design, manufacturing and commercialization of vanguard In & Out furniture, pots, lamps and outdoor rugs made with passion. Designed by and for dynamic people, innovators, curious types, because DESIGN is their passion.

Another reason people want more outdoors? Eating al fresco is its own little prison break for any overworked American.  According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends approximately 90% of their time indoors.

Kristalia - Palco & Brioni Soft Outdoor Seating

Inspired by the archipelago in the Adriatic Sea of the same name, Brioni is a collection of seats comprising lounge armchairs, daybeds and poufs with a soft and full appearance. Initially designed for outdoor use, the six items in the Brioni collection have been redesigned by LucidiPevere for use in homes: the entire surface of the seat is now covered in fabric or leather, without the dark lower band that prevented contact with the ground. It has a zip, an aesthetic and functional detail, like the previous version, as well as soft polyester padding with plastic slats. Light and easy to move, the poufs are perfect when positioned next to the sofa, whereas the armchairs and daybeds are comfortable and versatile seats that invite you to relax.

Outdoor seating is essentially a way to offer co-workers a chance to have a mental vacation from their usual surroundings. They can relax, unwind in the fresh air, and head back to work with a natural mood boost.

Parcel Picnic tables & Seating

No more boring, uncomfortable, picnic tables. Our ergonomically designed picnic tables are a contemporary and modern take on the classic table. Available in 72” and 96” lengths, there are many ways to configure the tables so that they can accommodate unique spaces and easy wheelchair access.

Having an outdoor workspace also creates a safer environment for collaboration and extends your square footage, making it easier for employees to retain more social distancing, if desired.


Vienna & Tapas seating collection embodies the ideal combination of indoor and outdoor design. This collection includes a guest chair and bar stool, both featuring a slatted wood resin seat and back, along with an aluminum frame that ensures durability for both indoor and outdoor use. With a choice of 18 indoor and 7 outdoor standard or studio powder coats for the frame, you can easily customize the collection to suit your personal style.

Hot summer days are when your staff really appreciates the availability of cool shade. Shadowspec’s umbrellas offer UPF 80 UV protection and are water resistant.

ShadowSpec Umbrellas

Introducing A New Class of Shade Curated Shade for Inspirational & Dynamic Spaces. Shadowspec’s collection of outdoor umbrellas provide class and style to outdoor settings no matter the location. With over 25 years’ experience in research, development and manufacture of shade and protection products, Shadowspec has built an unparalleled world-leading product range with a reputation of value and enduring quality.