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Height Adjustable Tables have rapidly become the norm, both in office workspaces and in home offices. The benefits are numerous, starting with better health, more alertness, and increased productivity. Choose from different size tops, corner designs, or L shaped worksurfaces. One touch controls, including optional memory settings, make using these tables a breeze. Take a look at the various tables and options shown below, and select the one just right for your space and budget.

HON Coordinate Electric Sit-Stand Desks

Hon Coordinate allows you to set up a stand-alone sit-to-stand desk or convert almost any existing work surface to a sit-to-stand work area. The motor activated base raises the work surface from 23 5/8” to 49 ¼. Bases have either 2 or 3 legs, and 2 or 3 stages, which can support rectangular or corner cove surfaces from 24” – 36“ deep, and 42” – 72” wide. 

4 different control options, including a 1 touch 4 memory control with digital display, and a cordless foot pedal. Optional features include wire management, power control modules to bring power right up to the work surface, screens that are attachable above or below the worksurface, and casters. Available in many laminate top finishes and base paint colors. Bases and tops sold separately.


Lorell Quadro offers a variety of sit-to-stand bases and tops. 1″ thick top features a straight edge and a 3mm PVC edge banding. Black or silver bases, with walnut or mahogany tops.

Dual quiet, smooth motors allows synchronized and precise compensation for uneven loads. The flex frame base adjusts from 27-1/2″ to 47″ high, at 1.3″ per second. The bases accommodate 48″ to 72″ wide tabletops. The bases feature built-in temperature and overload sensors as well as an ISP (intelligent system protection) anti-collision safety feature. Bases and tops sold separately.

Special-T Patriot Electric SiT-STAND DESK

Electric table is a flexible platform that offers optimal solutions for any adjustable height requirement in the office. Its automatic height adjustment provides an excellent first step toward improving the efficiency and well-being of your organization.

Programmable switch allows you to program four different height settings and instantly return to each position with just a push of a button. Or, simply use the up/down switch to raise or lower the height for quick adjustments.

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Desk & Seating Accessories

Desk and seating accessories are essential items that can enhance your workspace comfort, productivity, and organization. Here are some common desk and seating accessories: