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Cordless Mobile Power Solutions

For Zero Net Carbon Facilities

Whether your office tech uses USB-A or USB-C there are cordless solutions to access power without the limitation of fixed outlets or the additional cost of an electrician. Portable desktop and floor power stations with rechargeable battery packs can be integrated into your existing furniture or added throughout the office to create flexible working areas.

Hitch® by Byrne

Hitch is a portable, battery-powered charger with 3-side access, which means you can share it or keep it to yourself anywhere you want to work in the office.

  • 11.6 amp/hr Lithium Ion Battery 
  • Fully charged in 4 hours or less
  • 2 fast charging USB-A Ports
  • 1 smart charging USB-C Port
  • LED battery indicator light
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Vesta™ by Byrne

Vesta is a freestanding, mobile battery-powered charger providing power where normal outlets fail to reach and turning any space into a collaborative space without the clutter of cables.

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  • (2) 60W USB-C, (1) 20W USB-C and (1) 10W USB-A ports.
  • available in a corded version that combines USB-A, USB-C and traditional 110 power

QikPac By August Berres

QikPac is a portable battery-powered unit that is picked up and used independently anywhere in the office, then placed back in the charging cart to be recharged and ready for the next user.

  • (1) USB-A and (1) USB-C outlet per unit Soon a (2) USB-C version will be available.
  • Desk Top Charging Station Available for 3 Units
  • Mobile Charging Carts Available for 12 or 24 Units
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USB-A and USB-C ???

Not sure what the difference between USB-A and USB-C is? You’re not alone.  Check out this great video from Byrne explaining the difference.

replaE By August Berres

replaE is a docking station for the QikPac unit that can be   installed like a grommet on any worksurface. As long as the surface is large enough, it can be mounted in an existing or new desk, conference table, credenza, training room table, etc.

ReplaE units can be ganged together with 1, 2, 3, or 4 battery packs per station depending on the power requirements.

Mobile Power Solutions - Replae 2

Respond! by August Berres

Respond! Is a mobile height adjustable desk with a ReplaE unit built in. This allows the user to easily reconfigure a space and to have an area that remains free of cables on the floor.

  • (1) USB-A and (1) USB-C outlet per unit Soon a (2) USB-C version will be available.
Mobile Power Solutions - Respond 4

JUCE by August Berres

JUCE is a mobile podium-style system. The unit has  rechargeable battery packs built-in and can be specified based on the power requirements. Whether you need a way to present in an open floor plan or are presenting at a trade show, this is an amazing tool for where normal outlets fail to reach.

Mobile Power Solutions - Juce Power Stations 3
  • Available with 1 or 3 Rechargeable batteries on the small option.
  • Available with 3 or 6 Rechargeable batteries on the large option.

Overall, mobile cordless power solutions enhance productivity, promote adaptability, and provide a convenient way to power electronics in a modern work environment. Contact us today to get your electronics moving where you need them.