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Concerns about Workplace Wellness have dramatically increased over the last several years, with employees expecting increased efforts from their employers to keep them safe. There can a huge return for the employer by doing so, in improved health, greater productivity, less time missed, and overall employee satisfaction and retention. Investing in this area can truly be a win win!

Personal Protection

There are many affordable solutions to help safeguard employee health. While everyone is aware of the benefits of hand sanitization and PPE, workplaces can also proactively decrease germ exposure with improved air purification and anti-bacterial products. Plus check out our full range of personal safety gear for industrial environments.

Personal Hygiene

A key to decreasing germ transfer and the spread of illness is to switch to touchless options for frequently touched items. This includes paper towel, soap, toilet seat cover and feminine hygiene dispensers, as well as devices like faucets and toilet/urinal flushers. We also provide key items to enhance personal hygiene like skin lotion, toothbrushes, mouthwash etc. Also, as highlighted in our Coffee & Breakroom section, you could switch to touchless brewing and individually wrapped breakroom items like utensils, cups etc.


We offer an extensive selection of ergonomic products to help keep employees healthy, happy and productive. Solutions include ergonomic seating and sit-stand options, coupled with ergo accessories such as mice, keyboards, headsets, monitor arms, footrests, backrests, anti-fatigue mats, lighting etc.

First Aid & BIOHAZARD Solutions

Along with the above mentions of personal protection, hygiene, and ergonomic supplies, we also offer a wide variety of first aid products including first aid kits, covid tests, medicines and bandages, defibrillators, bodily fluid spill clean-up kits, bleeding control kits, burn kits, CPR kits, blood pressure kits, temperature scanners etc. We would be happy to share best practices and new approaches with you that are helping companies enhance safety and reduce costs.

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