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Get on the spot, fast

Clarke’s BEXTSpot Pro compact, lightweight and highly portable carpet spotter is ideal for quick carpet or upholstery spot clean-up. Its 1 gallon tank provides plenty of solution capacity for emergency cleaning jobs. Built-in transport wheels make it easy to transport and store.

Clarke BEXTSpot PRO

A compact, lightweight, highly portable carpet extractor, the Clarke® BextSpot Pro® Carpet Spot Cleaning System makes quick work of carpet or upholstery spot cleanups.

With a powerful pump and vacuum motor and 1-gallon tank, this compact, convenient cleaning machine gets the job done fast—and then easily stores away out of sight. The only thing left is the spotless result.

It’s perfect for the small spills and accidents that happen everyday in schools, offices, food service areas, health care facilities—anywhere you want to keep clean and … spotless!


  • Compact, lightweight design makes quick cleanups a snap
  • Big, built-in wheels allow you to roll in the Clarke® BextSpot Pro® at a moment’s notice
  • 4.5-inch clear hand tool capping an 8-foot hose allows you to see the BextSpot Pro do its work
  • Removable, portable recovery tank simplifies dumping and cleaning


  • 4.5 inch cleaning path
  • 1 gallon easy-fill solution tank
  • 1 gallon recovery tank
  • Powerful 30 PSI pump aids in deep cleaning spots
  • 95 CFM airflow, 85” waterlift
  • 4.5 inch clear hand tool shows soil removal
  • Trigger on cleaning head
  • 8 foot hose provides plenty of reach
  • Removable recovery tank for easy cleaning
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Rugged built-in transport wheels
  • 21′ yellow safety cable
  • Weighs 19 lbs
  • Optional 8 ” wand, or 15′ solution & vacuum hoses


  • CLARKE130SP — Clarke BEXTSpot Pro Carpet Spotter