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Below, we have put together a listing of touchless solutions to help you in your journey to make your office as user friendly as possible. Furthermore, we have broken the selections down by area for you to make it easy to shop.


Adapting your workplace to the new needs of your employees is not a task to be taken lightly as it’ll require much planning and smart investment. However, here are a few tips to help you as you start this process:

Put your people first – When it seems like there’s too many decisions to make about what to implement, include your employees and understand what’s most important to them.

Keep it simple – it can be overwhelming to try to meet all of your employees needs at once, so you’ll need to focus on features that quickly benefit the largest number of employees. Touchless access control for everyone is better than virtual personal assistants for executives.

Focus on the short term, plan for the long term – Your technology roadmap should cover several years, not just the next six months. Plan for both by selecting solutions that will also serve your long-term needs.

COVID-19 is raising our awareness of how easily we facilitate the spread of germs through community devices. We don’t fully know how the pandemic will reshape the workplace, but we do know it is accelerating digital transformation and faster adoption of workplace technology.

Just as the rapid shift to remote work prompted us think about how we interact with our virtual work environments, we should take this moment to rethink how we interact with our physical workplaces, once we return to them.

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