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Clarke® RA40™ Micro Rider Floor Scrubber

Quite possibly, the most productive 20-inch scrubber on the market today The compact, highly maneuverable Clarke® RA40™ Micro Rider Floor Scrubber is designed to take the cleanliness, health and safety of your facility to the next level. From the ultra-sharp turning radius to the onboard chemical mixing system, every cutting-edge floor-cleaning feature has been engineered to the high performance and reliability standards you’ve come to expect from Clarke for more than 100 years

Highly maneuverable. Ultra productive. Easy to operate, small profile design ensures 360 degree visibility, a short turning radius and the ability to clean in tight spaces SmartFlow™ Solution Control System automatically reduces the solution flow rate when the operator slows down, cutting water and chemical usage, reducing water left behind and increasing productivity by up to 50% per tank Clarke’s exclusive onboard Chemical Mixing System gives you full control over detergent use, allowing you to use chemicals only when needed Steering wheel control panel with multifunctional display is easy to learn and customize Intuitive operation minimizes training Two-level scrub pressure quickly adds cleaning power exactly where you need it.


The RA40’s chemical mixing system allows you to vary the chemical concentration as needed to clean light to heavily soiled areas, and the machine provides two levels of scrubbing pressure. Its small profile design provides full sightline visibility, a short turning radius and the ability to clean in tight spaces. Clean up to 32,560 feet per hour at 3.7 mph.


  • 20” scrubbing width, 28” squeegee
  • Wet or AGM maintenance free batteries available
  • 18.5 gallon solution and recovery tanks
  • SmartFlow solution control system
  • Vary chemical concentration for different soil levels
  • 2 levels of scrub pressure for heavily soiled areas
  • Steering wheel control panel
  • Scrub deck & squeegee raise quickly & easily
  • Tool free removable brushes & pads
  • Quiet operation at 62 dBA, standard at 68 dBA
  • Onboard squeegee storage for maneuverability
  • Low step-on design for easy & safe onboarding
  • 155 RPM brush speed
  • Maximum run time of 2.5 hours
  • Minimum turnaround of 70.9”
  • Can earn LEED points


  • 56384073 — Clarke RA40 20D Micro Ride-on Scrubber w/ (2) 130 Ah wet batteries
  • 56384074 — Clarke RA40 20D Micro Ride-on Scrubber w/ (2) 140 Ah maintenance free AGM batteries