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Evolving Office Designs

The office is evolving, perhaps faster than ever before in its history. Ideally, it will become a better, more productive, enticing space.

Scroll down this page to see innovative design ideas that are helping offices become destinations where people want to go to get their work done. While remote work has clearly proven its worth, and is here to stay, nothing fully replaces the collaboration, socialization and innovation that happens when you get live people interacting in the office.

Mobile Power Solutions

The first office system products that eliminates cords and wires on the floor!

If your workspaces are challenged with solutions for office hybrid facilities, these mobile power solutions are the industry’s most flexible power options.

School Offices, Classrooms, Business Offices, Hybrid Workplaces, Smart Buildings, Laboratories, Factories, Audio-visual Products, Digital Advertising, Retail Displays, Trade Shows, and Retrofits


First Aid & Bio Solutions - First Aid Kits

First aid

First Aid Only SmartCompliance Kits – The Revolutionary First Aid System.

The innovative SmartCompliance program redefines first aid with two powerful components, innovative cabinet design and the SmartTab ezRefill system, creating the most comprehensive solution available today.

Air Purification

Air purifiers help eliminate a range of smaller airborne particulates that your filtration system cannot capture, which includes everything from allergens, VOC’s and odors, cooking smells, smoke and other airborne pollutants. Everything you don’t want breathing into your lungs.

Innovative Workspace - Air Purification Image

Architectural Walls

Demountable glass walls can create beautiful meeting or office spaces. They provide privacy, allow light to pass through the space, and tend to keep everyone more engaged, connected and alert than when they are closed up in walled spaces.

In addition, as these walls are not permanent, they are not subject to the long amortization schedules of fixed walls.

Check with your accountant about whether this option would be financially advantageous for you.

Touchless Office Solutions

As we return to smarter and healthier offices, many businesses are exploring new ways to ensure employees’ safety and productivity.

The importance of touchless technology post-pandemic is clear: technology is now an integral part of every aspect of the modern work experience. While welcoming workers & clients back to offices safely, management needs think of touchless products as an answer to sanitization in regard to congested areas, communal surfaces, & more.

How? By integrating their workspaces with touchless technology that can allow people to quickly move throughout a space, without ever having to touch a single surface.

Innovative Workspace - Touchless Office Image

Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic panels enhance the esthetics and function of every office space by absorbing sound and lowering noise levels. Overall, they help increase concentration and productivity, creating a superior work atmosphere. We have the acoustic solutions for all your office spaces. 

A workplace buzzing with excitement can increase productivity. However, taken a step too far, workers will be driven to distraction with higher stress levels.

Keep disruptive noise levels at bay with panels designed to help with sound absorption and noise reduction. Panels made with sound deadening material and acoustic treatments work best.


Ergonomic investments protect your company and your most valuable asset: people. They minimize costly injuries and worker compensation claims, while maximizing productivity. 

Palace combines the design experience of our furniture team with the accessory’s expertise of our supplies team to provide you with the most comprehensive ergonomic solutions possible.

No wonder our customers and their employees feel we get the “Day-to-day Done Right!”

Innovative Workspace - Ergonomics Image


Given the expansion of lounge seating throughout the office, it’s no surprise that the availability and variety of end tables and coffee tables has likewise exploded.

Mix and match different shapes, sizes, and materials, depending on the look and feel you want. Plus, don’t forget about having some portable laptop tables around for those who like to sit on a couch but want a higher table to use as a temporary worksurface.

Task/Conference Seating

Task and conference seating continue to evolve, offering more styles and options than ever. Key elements continue to address comfort and ergonomics. 

Take a look at the gallery to see some of the latest styles and innovative designs. 

Please ask about our demo chair program, allowing you to test drive chairs before you buy them. As every body is different, selecting the right chair remains a highly personal experience.

Outdoor Seating

Create a space where employees can take their work outside or take a break and relax with our weather-resistant and modern outdoor seating.

Since returning from working at home has become more prevalent in most of our lives, it can be difficult to maintain a proper work-life balance. Unfortunately, this can result in inefficient task management and pushing deadlines.

If you wish to take your office productivity to a whole new level, here are some fantastic outdoor workspace ideas.

Please Take a look at the suggestions to properly utilize a garden or spare outside office space to help you be productive.

Lockers & Storage

Creating space for employee personal belongings has taken on new urgency as offices reconfigure into more flexible and fluid work areas. Welcome to Personal Lockers and Storage Options.

Take a look at some innovative designs that effectively integrate personal and company material storage throughout the evolving workplace.


The amount of space allocated to open plans has been dramatically increased in today’s office. However, having too much open space in one area can be counter-productive to collaboration and concentration.

Mobile space dividers and lighter scale shelving units can serve as perfect space dividers. Plus, mobile boards often include a writable surface, making them a perfect collaborative tool to be brought into meetings, when needed.

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