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Room dividers, or screens, play a pivotal role in fostering versatility and adaptability within modern workspaces, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, dining areas, manufacturing plants, and more. They come in both freestanding and mobile versions, offering the incredible advantage of creating dedicated spaces for impromptu huddle sessions, without the inconvenience and cost associated with structural modifications. The mobility of these dividers also enhances the ease of reconfiguration, ensuring that your workspace can evolve as needs change.

These dividers, also referred to as partitions, come in a wide array of sizes and materials, ranging from sleek glass and durable acrylic to eco-friendly PET, fabric, laminate, whiteboard, and innovative mixed materials. The choice of material directly influences factors like ease of cleaning and disinfection, acoustic performance, and the degree of privacy they offer, thereby contributing to a healthier and more productive work environment.

Mobile Room Dividers & Screens

Mobile Screens by Claridge

Claridge offers a range of room partitions and desk dividers designed to make the workplace safer, not only immediately, but thoughtfully designed for long-term use. Available in magnetic porcelain whiteboard, glass, acrylic and acoustical panels, in 5 standard and 15 optional colors.

Room Dividers & Screens - Claridge-Mobile-Divider-Colors 1
Room Dividers & Screens - Claridge-Mobile-Divider-Colors 2
Room Dividers & Screens - Claridge-Mobile-Divider-scaled
Room Dividers & Screens - Urban-wall-screens

MergeWorks Urban Wall™ Room Dividers

Highly customizable room dividers add style and enable you to more safely use all your space. Use them to define shared spaces – create meeting areas, collaboration huddle spaces, breakroom nooks, customer or patient waiting rooms, and private work areas.

The Urban Wall™ comes in a wide range of sizes, configurations, materials and colors, making it fun and easy to create custom room dividers. Stationary or mobile. 25″-73″W x 54-78″H.

Room Dividers & Screens - Urban Wall Colors

Design Your Own Divider By Lorell

Create your own mobile screen. Mix and match stylish divider panels with 2 different height options (50″ & 71″), and in 2 different widths (single panel or double panel). Aluminum strips separate panels for accent. Optional storage divider can be used in place of a bottom panel. 

Panels available in clear or frosted acrylic, whiteboard, walnut laminate or weathered charcoal laminate. This versatile, multifunctional design offers many different configurations to suit your requirements. All components sold separately.

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Room Dividers & Screens - Lorell-Adaptable-Panel-Div-1
Room Dividers & Screens - Rumba-Suite

Rumba Mobile Whiteboard By Safco

Full magnetic whiteboard on both sides of the screen provides plenty of space to expand on great ideas. Can be used to separate areas, or in conference rooms, training rooms or meeting areas.

Features four high performance casters (2 locking) on a durable powder-coated aluminum base for quick and easy placement. Optional ganging hardware (sold separately) allows screens to be connected, creating a variety of options to suit different environments.

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Mobile Freestanding Desk Screens by Obex

Fixed/Mobile privacy screens help with creating separation and delineating areas where people work and gather.

Clear or frosted acrylic & polycarbonate screens:

42” wide x 72” tall.
Each screen comes with casters and feet. Easy to clean

2 locking casters, 2 regular casters With or without a separation bar in the center

Room Dividers & Screens - obex
Clarus be! Mobile Glass Board

Safety and mobility rolled into one. Non-porous glass can be easily disinfected and is non-staining, even with permanent markers.

Elegant radius corners. Black or gray core, with black or white legs. 40″W x 73″H.

Room Dividers & Screens - Lorell Glass Mobile
Lorell Glass Mobile Screen

Full-length glass screen provides protection against airborne viruses and bacteria for safer business transactions.

Aluminum frame with locking casters. 36″W x 78″H. 1/4″ thick.

Ghent Acrylic Mobile Screen

Use this mobile acrylic board as a clear space divider, separating workstations without obstructing views between employees. Aluminum frame. 38″W x 74″H.

Room Dividers & Screens - MooreCo 2 Sided
MooreCo 2-Sided Whiteboard

Large double sided HPL dry-erase mobile board. Perfect for separating spaces between workstations, or in rooms.

The leg design allows panels to be joined together, and plastic connectors are included to join the panels together in a variety of angles. Locking casters. Opt accessory tray. 76″Wx74″H.

Room Dividers & Screens - Lorell 2 sided
Lorell 2-Sided Whiteboard Screen

Double sided mobile magnetic whiteboard. Write or post on both sides.

Use the four casters to turn or move the easel for easy access and viewing. Easel is made with two dry erase steel sheets (35-2/5″ x 70-6/7″)

Room Dividers & Screens - Quartet-dual-side-board
Quartet 2 Sided Combo Screen

Two sided mobile divider features a premium porcelain magnetic whiteboard with easel pad holder and marker tray on one side and grey fabric covered bulletin board on other side.

Locking casters. 38″-50″W x 74″H. Image is of 50″W & 38″W boards connected with optional kit.

Quartet Workstation Privacy Screen

Sliding door privacy screen mounts to outside of any cubicle panel system. Protects workstation employee from airborne germ transmissions from aisle traffic.

Easily glides across workstation opening on 2 wheels. Translucent shatterproof polycarbonate in aluminum frame. 2 sizes for different height panels. Works on panels 1-1/4″ to 3-1/4″ thick.

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Room Dividers & Screens - Quartet-door-slide
Room Dividers & Screens - verse 1

Panel systems By Versé

Create more personal protected space and privacy in open areas with the Versé panel system. Easily connected and endlessly reconfigurable. Many widths, heights and fabric options to match any aesthetic (only gray and graphite shown in the Shop button below), along with 3 paint colors. Optional steel hanging shelf hangs from top of panel. It’s the smart long-term investment to support short-term work environments that are constantly changing.

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Room Dividers & Screens - Verse Colors

Biome Taiga Dividers & Wall Units

ART THAT LIVES & REVIVES: Botanically purified air increases alertness & health. Tiles hang on drywall or panels.

LESS IS MORE: Hydroponic technology uses no soil (no bugs, no mess) and requires no plumbing. It’s the cleanest way to enjoy nature indoors!

TAIGA IS SMART: Irrigation & LED lighting are computer controlled, & environmental data displays on a dashboard.

AIR FILTRATION HAPPENS ON THE ROOTS: Embedded fans pull air through biofilters, reducing air contaminants 200X more than potted plants and traditional green walls.

Room Dividers & Screens - biome
Room Dividers & Screens - LOFTWALL-FRAMEWALL

Framewall By Loftwall

Framewall can be outfitted with countless panel configurations to beautifully meet the needs of your space. Numerous finish options ensure no two walls will look the same. Well, unless you want them to. Then we’ll make sure they’re all clones.

Size Options

  • 52” W X 53” H
  • 52” W X 78” H
  • 76” W X 53” H
  • 76” W X 78” H
  • 100” W X 53” H
  • 100” W X 78” H

Claridge Large Room Divider

2 panel large room divider. Porcelain whiteboard used for the large top panel. Choose from porcelain whiteboard, acoustic fabric or fabricork for the smaller bottom panel.

Includes lightweight honeycomb core for added strength. Framed in satin anodized aluminum. Sizes: 60”-96” wide, 72” high.

Room Dividers & Screens - Claridge Large Room Divider Colors
Room Dividers & Screens - claridge-room-dividers
Room Dividers & Screens - Latitude Enwork

Enwork Latitude Acrylic Screens

Latitude acrylic screens come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. They are available in clear or frosted screens, with wheels or leveler feet.

  • Constructed from a sturdy frame made with 1 ¼” x 1 ¼” powder coated steel, available in 5 standard paint colors.
  • Casters add 2” to overall height.
  • Versatile ganging brackets connect screens.
  • Widths 26”, 34”, 48”
  • Heights 50”, 66”, 72”

Freestanding & Mobile Screens By Enwork Zori

Zori quickly slides up to the edge of any worksurface to create a safe space between employees. Many configuration options including T-Shape, L-Shape, and single panel. Design aesthetic enhanced with panel segmentation, using the materials shown below. Stationery or mobile.

Widths 30”, 48”, 60”, 72”
Height 52”, 66”

Room Dividers & Screens - Enwork-Rapid-Responce-Zori-Screens-Colors
Room Dividers & Screens - Enwork-Rapid-Responce-Zori-Screens
Room Dividers & Screens - claridge-wall-units-1

Claridge Connect Panels

CONNECT® Space Creator panels provide a sophisticated decorative accent, highly customizable tiled look for separating spaces. They can be moved at a moment’s notice. Tiles can be porcelain whiteboard, glass, tackboard, or chalkboard. All Space Creators are 72” high and come in 30”, 36” and 48” widths.

  • Porcelain enamel steel in 3 colors, glass in unlimited colors
  • Mix and match marker and tack surfaces on either side of the panel
  • Standalone or ganged together
Room Dividers & Screens - claridge-wall-units-colors

Divider Partitions By Ghent

Ghent 2 panel large room divider. Magnetic porcelain on steel whiteboard used for the large top panel, vinyl tackboard in 8 possible colors for the smaller bottom panel.

Satin aluminum frame. Includes 1 magnetic marker and eraser. Sizes: 48” or 72” wide, 72”” high

Room Dividers & Screens - ghent-white-tack-board colors
Room Dividers & Screens - ghent-white-tack-board

Portable Room Dividers & Screens

Screenflex Portable Room Dividers

Freestanding portable panel room divider partitions are perfect for dividing larger open spaces in open plan areas, training rooms, common areas. patient screening areas etc, protecting the spread of germs among employees. 7-13 panels per unit.

Multiple units can gang together to form unlimited lengths. No tracks needed. Self leveling, locking casters. Partitions are also sound absorbing.

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Room Dividers & Screens - screenflex
Room Dividers & Screens - Lumeah-Acoustic-room-Dividers

Lumeah Concertina 3 Panel Divider

Lumeah 3 panel portable polyester acoustical folding screen divider 70″W x 70″H. Simply stand it up and adjust the angles to suit.

Connected with flexible straps. When it’s no longer needed, simply fold flat and store. Only 32 lbs. Pinnable and bleach cleanable.

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Room Dividers & Screens - Lumeah-Acoustic-room-Dividers colors

Workstation Floor & Desktop Divider Screens

Nomad® Rolling Screens

Nomad® Rolling Screens are an easy way to divide space while staying reconfigurable. These screens have 3 casters and a bite section that allows the screens to overlap 29” tables. Screens are standard in tackable felt fabric but are also available in many Nienkamper KnollTextile fabrics.

Room Dividers & Screens - NoMad colors
Room Dividers & Screens - NoMad
Room Dividers & Screens - Fluidconcepts-Scissor-screens

Fluidconcepts Scissor Screens

Fluidconcepts Scissor Screens provide easy full space division between workstations. These screens are positioned into existing workstations via a ‘notch’ in the screen. They can be mobile or stationary, and can use mixed materials for upper and lower dividers, including clear or frosted acrylic, whiteboard, acoustical felt and laminate.

Room Dividers & Screens - Fluidconcepts-Scissor-screens Sizes
Room Dividers & Screens - Fluidconcepts-Scissor-screens colors

Claridge Desk-Over Divider

This divider screen wraps from the floor over the desk for enhanced separation between employee workstations

  • Easy installation no permanent mounting. Floor base or leveling glides.
  • Full Panel Materials: Glass (writable), clear or diffuser acrylic
  • Partial Panel Materials: Acoustic, in 5 standard colors, 15 optional colors
  • Standard sizes: 54″ x 54″ & 60″ x 60″
Room Dividers & Screens - Claridge-Mobile-Divider-Colors 1
Room Dividers & Screens - Claridge-Mobile-Divider-Colors 2
Room Dividers & Screens - claridge-floor-desk-units
Room Dividers & Screens - GHENT-DEST-TO-FLOOR

Ghent Desk to Floor

This divider screen wraps from the floor over the desk for enhanced separation between employee workstations.

  • Easy installation – no permanent mounting. Height adjustable feet to accommodate desks 28”-32” high.
  • Adjustable clamp to secure partition to desk without marring surface.
  • Panel materials options: Porcelain whiteboard, clear thermoplastic, fluted polycarbonate.
  • Overall sizes 47”W x 57”W, floor panel 24”W x 57”H, desk panel 23”W x 25”H.
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Temperature Scanning Shields

These clear mobile screens are designed to allow the safe taking of employee temperatures while standing behind the shield. The 2” wide by 12” high cutout is perfect for use with an infrared thermometer.

Screens can be moved wherever necessary within a facility. Acrylic screen is 38” wide x 74” high with an aluminum frame. Glass frameless screen is 40″ x 70 1/16.

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Room Dividers & Screens - scanning-shields
Room Dividers & Screens - mastervision-glass-panel-divider

Glass mobile Panel Dividers By Mastervision

Glass panel divider features a large, self-standing design to offer a simple way to help your employees and guests practice safe social distancing. Transparent glass surface acts as a protective shield and can be written on with dry-erase markers to display notes.

Panel divider is integrated in a sturdy aluminum structure and has easy glide casters for full mobility. Plus it’s easy to clean, sanitize and disinfect for quick cleanings as needed. Pass-though options available.

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