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Palace Educational Solutions goal is to help evolve your facilities to enhance their appeal and value to students, professors and administrators. Designs today stress greater flexibility and mobility, prioritizing social spaces and collaboration, along with comfort that encourages calmness, creativity and a sense of inclusion. At the same time, it is increasingly important to also offer space for individual privacy peace and concentration. Let us help you design and create a better learning and living environment for all!

Social Spaces – Lounge Areas

Soft seating is fast becoming the preferred seating for a variety of spaces. It brings immediate comfort and relaxation and a sense of home to any space, putting people at ease and in a more focused and open frame of mind. It can enhance gatherings, interaction and collaboration, or foster calm, sooth anxiety, and provide a more restful outlet for quiet thinking and work. Modular pieces are designed to work together to create limitless configurations, from circular or straight to serpentine arrangements, that fit any space or architectural detail. We would be happy to review the many creative and fun options with you.


Cafeterias have become interactive social hubs where people gather. The latest designs support group meetings and collaboration, socializing and relaxing, and individual study, allowing students to work alone yet feel socially included. Options should include seating configurations to support all these activities, along with wireless connectivity. Naturally, the various surfaces have to be durable and cleanable. We have many stylish solutions, from cafe tables to booths to soft seating, that address these multi-purpose evolving needs.


Libraries are where journeys of discovery begin. They need to support connection and collaboration while still supporting individual study. This now includes integrating collaborative areas while providing different levels and types of privacy – visual, acoustical and spatial, and different types of seating – sitting, standing, perching and lounging. Sound dampening considerations are also increasingly important in this redefined “learning commons” space. Let us guide you on your journey of discovery of the dynamic options available.


Classroom furniture should be comfortable and enduring, supporting a variety of body types and individual postures. It should also support active learning, easily transitioning from lecture to teams to discussion to projects. Finally, it should enhance freedom of movement for the instructor, enabling quality interaction and assessment. We have lots of stylish and innovative solutions to offer. Check us out!


Learning never stops. Well designed lab and workshop space provides students with the opportunity to combine theoretical learning with hands-on experimentation. This leads to the aha moments that solidify understanding and that may lead to amazing breakthroughs in science, technology, engineering or math.

Administrative & Private Offices

Campus administrators and professors greatly benefit from thoughtfully designed office spaces that enhance ergonomics, flexibility, productivity, collaboration and discussions, while also offering options for privacy. The equally important public facing areas should offer students, parents, and the community the warm welcome they want and deserve. Happy and productive staff, and a positive supportive community, dramatically enhance the overall student and learning experience.

Teacher’s Lounges

Teachers need a comfortable and inviting space where they can refresh, recharge and refocus, and take a break from the classroom. We have lots of ideas to share with you, from furnishings to refreshments.

Cordless Mobile Power Solutions

School Offices, Classrooms, Business Offices, Hybrid Workplaces, Smart Buildings, Laboratories, Factories, Audio-visual Products, Digital Advertising, Retail Displays, Trade Shows, and Retrofits

Display Cases

Everyone loves to showcase awards! They recognize individuals and noteworthy accomplishments, and make everyone take more pride in the school. We offer lots of options, from floor and counter displays to recessed wall displays in glass, wood and metal.


The need for student lockers continues to expand to hold backpacks, laptops, clothing, sports equipment, boards etc. Also, as workspace sizes keep getting reduced, teachers and administrators also have a greater need for safeguarding personal belongings. Not surprisingly, locker designs have evolved in terms of colors, materials, sizes, designs, locking strategies etc. We would be happy to work with you to figure out the right storage and security options for your needs.

Outdoor Furniture

Students, teachers and staff often love the chance to rest and recharge outdoors. Fortunately, outdoor furniture has come a long way in terms of design, comfort and durability. We offer a wide range of options, including tables, seating, benches, waste receptacles, messaging boards and bike racks.

Auditorium Seating

We offer auditorium seating, designed for lecture halls and theaters, in multiple styles and designs.

Dorm Room Furniture

We offer dorm room single beds, bunk beds, and freestanding or attached matching desks, dressers  and wardrobes. Take a look!


The landscape of higher education has evolved. Campuses across the nation are embracing a more holistic approach to learning, engagement, and problem-solving. By incorporating innovative tools, creative methodology, and inclusive environments, colleges everywhere are developing pathways that support personal well-being and unique intellectual pursuits. With solutions designed to inspire and connect, HON is making a difference in higher education spaces today, tomorrow, and beyond.


Cooperative Contracts

Receive all of the savings with none of the bidding. Take advantage of public sector cooperative furniture contracts with Hon, MooreCo, Scholar Craft, KI, Jonti-craft, OFS-Carolina, Jasper, Global, Smith Systems and others. Give us a call for more details or to review pricing.

Coop Logos - 1000 x 300

Social Spaces – Lounge Areas

Administrative & Private Offices